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Welcome to Beaches Wellness Salts where we aim to help and support fellow enthusiastic athletes and wellness warriors, by providing the substantial benefits of post exercise recovery to those pushing the limits and living their dreams.

Our founder Kerry Pymble plays contact sport (soccer) and competes in trail runs. In her spare time, she goes extreme hiking, bushwalking, kayaking, SUP boarding, mountain biking and any other adventure that comes her way.

Many years ago, Kerry discovered the recovery benefits of a hot magnesium bath after strenuous exercise. Now she wants to share this secret with you.

“After returning to soccer 20 years ago at the age of 39, I found my recovery somewhat more difficult than it was when I was younger. Initially I increased my exercise regime and developed a stretching program that has evolved and that I continue to do daily. But it wasn’t enough to combat the muscle fatigue and joint soreness I experienced after every game. I’m not sure who/what prompted me to have my first Epsom salt bath. But the results and relief were substantial. I could move more freely and the reduction in muscle soreness and joint stiffness was considerable.”

Kerry researched the different grades and benefits of various magnesium salts and set about sourcing trusted suppliers who shared her desire for an authentic, natural, pure, organic, and premium quality product. She trialled quantities, bath temperatures and lengths of soaking times over time to find the best, most beneficial combination. “I found over time that the salt alone could be quite drying; the addition of Bi-carb combated this and also brought with it the additional remedial benefits.”

Our salt packs are allergen-free, and not tested on animals. There are no colourants, fragrances or fillers. Completely natural, pure and premium quality.

So, what if you were to buy a low grade Epsom Salt, perhaps from a plant nursery or a supermarket, what’s the difference? Inferior grades are not required to meet the high standards that quality salts do. They may be made with cheap, even recycled chemicals to save on costs. For a quality product, Beaches Wellness Salts prices are very economical.

Your next step should be to check out our products page. A hot magnesium salt bath is just the remedy for your post workout recovery and Beaches Wellness Salts are here to help you.

Head to our contacts page if you have any questions.

We love to hear your feedback. So let us know what you think.


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