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JUST like nature

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Our 100% natural and organic mineral salt combinations are designed to relieve soreness and promote healing, leaving you feeling refreshed, alive and energised.

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No bath? No worries. A tub, bucket or basin is all you need to give those hardworking feet and legs the relief from aches and soreness they're asking for.

Naturally Simple

Beaches Wellness Salts Workout Recovery salts are formulated with the highest quality, most natural ingredients we could source. At Beaches Wellness Salts, we believe our bodies deserve the best and 100% natural is the kindest and healthiest approach to our bodies.

There are various grades of Magnesium Salt, with USP/BP and Food Grade being the highest grades. Both have different stringent specifications that the Magnesium Salt must meet before it can be either grade. If a Magnesium Salt meets these specifications, then it is a quality Salt. Beaches Wellness Salts are formulated to comply with both USP and BP grades. We provide premium quality Magnesium Salts without an extravagant price tag.

All essential oils and Sodium Bicarb are100% natural and Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Our genuine Dead Sea Salt has been harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel and has been independently analysed to ensure there are no added or unwanted ingredients. Well known for its healing properties, the mineral salt content in the Dead Sea is so much higher than other oceans, you just can’t sink!

Holding a Branch

I frequently get severe calf and foot cramps after longer than usual or extra rugged hikes.  After the last such hike I tried the Dead Sea Salts, soaked in the bath for 30 minutes and was truly surprised and extremely happy to experience zero cramping that night.  I will definitely continue to use these salts.

Debra, Beacon Hill

...definitely releases lactic acid ache. Felt pretty wired after it (bath). Woke up early (next morning) wide awake and ready to go.

ellis, chatswood

Love these salts! Perfect for muscle recovery after exercise.

danielle, beacon hill

Great little business here on the Northern Beaches. Have tried all the salts and especially love the lavender ones! Easy to order and speedy delivery . 

tracey, beacon hill

Thanks Beaches Wellness Salts for helping me out after a tough soccer match. Love the lavender perfume, and really helps me recover.

janice, dee why


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